How to Make a Pallet Wood Clock


Tick, tick, tick. Let’s put some pallets together to check the time on your own self created real clock. The pallets, few nails and materials can add a wonderful look to your wall. The clock’s look depends on what you like.All you need is: pallet boards, wood glue, plywood,nails,jigsaw and safety gears.

Step 1: Prepare yourself by wearing the gears to remove the pallet boards and then ripping them to the middle. Each board must be 2.5″ wide.

Step 2: Cut out a circular piece of plywood about 24″ in diameter. In the center create another circle of 4 inches. Arrange the pieces of pallet wood similar to how bricks are arranged on top of the plywood circle. Fix the pieces of pallet wood with the help of wood glue. To fix more firmly use nails also.

Step 3: After the structure dries turn it over upside down. Using a jigsaw, cut out your circle through the plywood and the pallet wood together at the same time.

Step 4: Now your clock needs hands. You can get the clock kit from a watch workshop or can use from one of your broken clocks also. To attach the kit, clock hands have to be in the front and the clock movement piece at the back with by a threaded shaft in the center.

Step 5: Stencil out the numbers. The numbers can be painted also. The clock can have all numbers or just the four 12/3/6/9 on the clock for a more rustic look. The finally look of the clock depends on what you like. It can retain its actual or can be painted as you like.

So the clock is ready, to keep you ticking. Your clock will help you check your time.

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