10 Painted Pallet Ideas


Although raw rustic look of a pallet is impressive, but sometimes paint adds style and makes your pallet creation more artistic. Once your piece of furniture is done, you now may think of painting it to match your internal decor. The main ideas to be followed in pallet painting are:

1. Every pallet due to its uniqueness, need to be treated differently and encase you decide on using several pallets, remember that they may not get the painted results the same way!

2. Sanding the pallet makes it easy to paint because the rough surface becomes little smooth. Excessive sanding is also not good as the roughness helps add beautiful textures also.

3. The sand dust must be removed with a damp washcloth after sanding. Cleaning the wood thoroughly will make sure the paint adheres to the wood.

4. Use the “chip brush” to paint as it’s cheap.

5. Like sanding another important process is priming the wood to cover the porous nature.If you are going for a rustic, aged look, then, you could probably get away with skipping the primer.

6. Always start with the lightest colors if you want to use the same brush throughout the painting task. For proper blending separate brushes must be used.

7. You can apply between 1 and 4 layers depending on your own choice of the pallet’s look.

8. Use 80 grid sandpaper for all types sanding.

9. The type of paint also depends on the nature of project you are making.

10. For longer lasting paint stain it or wax it.

11. Prefer brighter paints because most of the pallet wood takes the stain dark .

12. Stain the pallet work completely.

13. Wipe off the stain after putting it on.

14. The paint has to be saved and made shiny by a layer of bright finish or polish

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