Simply Amazing Woodwork Table Ideas


Woodwork is a beautiful way to create magnificent look for the home decor. The simple and trendy ways can match any decor or any interior regardless of their color. Wood is a natural product so adding woodwork creations can be a beautiful product. The woodwork can create furniture, decoration pieces, storage racks etc. Below you will find a beautiful three level table which can be used as a planter or pot holder for your indoor or outdoor plantation.

Sketch out a design for your table stand so you will be clear about the parts to be combined into a holding level. The three level table can either have levels of same size or you can have the lowest piece as largest and then reducing size till the last one on the top being the smallest.

Decide and gather material. Collect pallet and beams. Sand the wood for a cleaner and a smoother look. Make three top boards and one base board with the help of pallets. Place the planks close enough and then nail them together. This should be in a square shape. Attach beams for the legs of table. This way make three table looking more like stool. Attach them together such that the top board of one is the base of the other. At the end place a bottom board.

Attach all the tables together. Nail them firmly so there is no chance of falling down of the table when you place your stuff into it. The table will have a rustic look. The table can be given any look according to what you want. Varnish would make it formal and shiny. The table can be painted in combinations against the backdrop.

Place flower pots, your decoration pieces in this beautiful table. Happy creativity.

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