Up-cycle Projects – 10 DIY Wood Crate Art


The trend of wooden crates use for making of some racks and storage space in the home is quite common now a days people use wooden crate for some diy projects in the home they try to do some amazing plan in home with old and used wooden crates. Wooden crates are normally in box shape you can use them for making of some stools or may be wooden tables so here we have elegant ideas of storage space in the home you can store books shoes clothes in these cabins of wooden crates here we going to share with these ideas in below picture i hope you will enjoy these wooden pallet crates ideas in your home.

diy wine crate art

You can see a most beautiful diy wooden crate planter project this is the real beauty of diy and wood recycling with futuristic ideas you have never see before this a beautiful wooden crate planter for your balcony or garden you must put this up-cycle wooden crate project in your garden.

diy wine crate design

Many small thing when joint then they make something big enough as you see in above picture a beautiful storage racks made with old and used wooden crates which normally come in every house with vegetable fruit and drinks bottles.

diy wine crate project

You can see a book library or may be bookshelves made with used crates how nicely it organized and it looks quite cool and normal like a proper wood work you can do this beautiful diy project in your home i hope you will enjoy these ideas.

diy wine crates

diy decor ideas

diy wood wine crate

diy wine crate projects

diy wood wine crate

diy wine crates

diy wine crate ideassource 1 2

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