DIY Plantabox Ideas for Kids


In the times of environmental crisis it is a good practice to engage your kids in a healthy environment loving activity. The charity starts at home. Make your home the first environment school. Train your child to be a nature’s friend by introducing plantabox ideas for kids. Give him colorful incentives to plant and protect nature.

Collect some old wooden pallet boxes, one each for your kid. The kids must be the part of your idea, so they will remain spirited all through the process. Discuss the ideas with them too. Clean each box properly. Give some paints and brushes to your kid and give them the option to paint their respective pallet plantaboxes in the color of their choice. Use weather resistant pallet paints to bare the outdoor troubles. Oil colors or even regular home paints can be great. Let the paint dry properly. Once done get a proper caption for each of the pallet wooden boxes suiting your child’s idea or it can be related to the safe environment. Write their names with the seeds they have sown. Mark the date when the pallet plant box project actually begins. It will help monitor the growth rate.

When the external task is done, collect good and fertile soil. Fill your pallet plantabox with the soil not till the top but keep the level of the soil lesser than the height of the pallet plant box. Take the seeds and sow the seeds deep. With each planter box provide a handmade, garden kit holder too. Water the seeds and assign a place to each kid in the garden. Encourage the child to take great care of the planter box.

It can be used for many purposes. It can be used to keep the flowers and once flowers blossom put them all together to give a colorful floral look. The same pallet boxes can be utilized for kitchen garden.


diy plantabox

diy kids plantabox

diy plantabox

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