DIY Outdoor Lighting


Lights add brightness to our surroundings. From indoors to outdoors lights can add a touch of life. The outdoor lights are the first impression of the creativity of its residents. On entering the home the outdoor lights cast a welcoming impression on the guests. There are so many ways of adding the light to our outdoors. Some of easy to make outdoor lights are as follows:

1. Old can and tins can be used to make beautiful perforated candle stands. The cans are pierced with small nails to create designs. Once candles are placed in them the designs glows.

2  Small jars can be covered with a light coating of cement. Co loured or scented candles are placed in this small beauty. These light weight candle stands can decorate the entrance.

3  Origami wonders are made out of colored papers and the added to the LED light string. This origami string light can be hung over the door or windows or twisted around the pillars as your choice is.

 . Candles are arranged in a glass bowl in a chandelier like manner and then placed on garden tables or even hung with the help of netted holders.

5. An old flower pot can be changed into a light globe by painting it and adding a bright light bulb in it. This piece of decor can be added among the other pots and highlight your plantation area.

6  Old radiator covers can be nice light emitters. The perforated body of the radiator emits the light in patterned way which makes the attire beautiful.

7. Half cut wine bottles can be used to cover the candles. This would add ambiance to your garden table while enjoying evening tea. Light can add wonders to your environment. The bulbs, candles all remain the same but it is the way we present them which makes them look different and unique.

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