Diy Christmas Lights


Christmas lights are an essential decoration element for Christmas staple. Lights can be hung on the house, wrapped around the tree, the lights can be used in several ways to create a warm and cozy festive feeling in any home. Lets go through the several ideas to create a difference this Christmas:

By sewing a strand of Christmas lights into a large piece of burlap you can create a beautiful DIY burlap light garland. The created strips of burlap can be joined to create a festive, colorful garland.

DIY Dixie cup lights are easy to create but they will add a pop of flair to a Christmas awaiting home.

The DIY fairy light globe can be equipped with colorful lights also to add a perfect decoration for Christmas party.

Christmas lights can be used to create a twinkling porch canopy that will give a perfect touch to outdoor

Christmas festivities which will last all year long.

String twinkling lights together and deck out your home by attaching the lights to all central areas and decor pieces to make the decorations more festive!

Create a gorgeous saw dust and empty can DIY Chandelier connected completely with a strand of

Christmas lights to amaze your guests.

Make Christmas cards frame them and then display the framed cards. This display is a different way to wish Christmas .

A gorgeous heart frame can be created by using Christmas lights and hand made cards.

A fun light carpet is a creative way of crocheting a strand of lights with a rug.

The DIY light tree is a traditional focus piece in any room.

An easy-to-create Christmas shadow box adds a mysterious glow to Christmas festivity.

DIY pumpkin luminaries can be a great alternative to traditional Fall decorations.

DIY particle board with Styrofoam and a strand of Christmas lights is a creative addition to the Christmas decor.

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