DIY Necklace With Washers


Fashion industry moving quickly and efficiently business point of view and other trends and behavior. People follow new design pattern every new day. Dresses clothes shoes necklace bands ear rings jewelry so many items are including there cosmetics are also including. All these thing have many famous brands they brands produce ideas for making of these thing with different material.

diy neckhlace with easher


Mostly fancy dress competition introduce dresses with different from others. As well these ideas become popular in fashion accessories like bands necklace ear rings and rings. Today we have a very unique and different idea related with diy necklace. We have some ideas diy necklace with washers.

diy necklace with washer


Washer are like rings uses for tight screws and bolts. Here we use these washers for making of necklace. You can see in below pictures. How the washer can be used for making of necklace. This is a very simple and beautiful idea. You can color these washers with nail polish or others paint.


diy washer necklace


You will look glamorous and fabulous with beautiful washers necklace which different and new made by yourself. If you are interested in these type of diy projects you can earned money to sale this type of products. You can make many other fashion accessories of this type.

washer necklacesource

washer necklace diysource

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