Handmade Pencil Holder


There are always few pencils on your table that move from one place to another and constantly stumble upon. It would be easier for u if you have something to store them in and get them out of the way. That make your desk more organized and it is easier for u to get pencil when u need it.

If you have a free time and you are interested to make something creative and useful then makes your pencil holder by yourself. For making DIY Pencil Holder you can use different items and also by recycling your waste. You can use rustic, core paper, cork, floppy disk, mugs, empty tins, plastic bottle, brush, little bamboo stick and many more recycle products for pencil holder that make your table attractive.

               Amazing diy heart duck tape pencil holder:

pencil holdersource

               Awesome diy clay tree trunk pencil holder:

pencil holdersource

               Beautiful diy pencil holder monstrously fun:

holder monstrously funsource

               DIY pencil holder colorful clothespins:

colourful clothespinssource

               Fantastic diy crochet pencil holders:

pencil holderssource

                Wonderful diy pencil holder ideas:

holder ideassource

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