First i Take A selfie: DIY Selfie Stick Ideas


The fever of selfie is on very high temperature young generation crazy about selfie at an extreme level so you will be more crazy when you see these amazing ideas of selfie stick. First let me take a selfie. Today the generation of smart phones take a selfie every place even they sit in bathroom. But they guys and girls just go with more selfies and make your own selfie stick by diy. Here you see amazing and crazy ideas of selfie stick. The diy selfie stick is such a fun for me. I try some different household items for take a selfie and after that i make a crazy selfie stick with these things have a look on these crazy selfie sticks.

selfie stick diysource

You must laugh after see this picture this is a way this is an idea of taking selfies by hand made selfie stick. Now you should try these at your home and get more fun with your friends and family member. Enjoy ideas of selfie stick.

diy selfie sticksource

This is a hard wire use for making a selfie stick you must laugh one more time and you must try and you should try this idea. I am crazy how people amaze to other with  their tricks. It was a good fun you can try this for fun. Let me take a selfie please.

selfie diy sticksource
selfie stick diysource

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