DIY Wooden Shelves Made From Pallets


Woodwork projects are really being appreciated as they are pocket friendly and suitable for every budget. In some cases there is hardly any need of purchasing the required stuff. Pallets can be used in different types of  home projects from decorative items to those which can be of utility. Pallet walls create charm and a rustic feel in the surrounding reducing the stress for selecting the appropriate color combos. A pallet wall can also be used to accommodate storage of goods, in a home, office, by the front door to hang up coats, in the kitchen to hang utensils, or in the bedroom as a small closet.

Learning to work with pallets is the beginning of the journey on the road to creativity, self sufficiency and art.  This project to be done is not a matter of minutes. The time may be from an hour to couple of hours. This can require great effort and patience to complete it. In order to have a practically useful gadget the following steps are to be followed:

1. Get the following things:

Planks created out of the pallet.

Arched planks

Bright finish nails

Under lament nails

A hammer

2. Prepare the wood by cutting precisely. To give it a smooth look sand the surface and finally do varnishing to give a shiny look. Once done, started arranging the planks as per the design. Arrange straight planks in the right angled position. Join by using hammers and  bright finish nails.

3. Start adjusting the arched planks with them. If small compartments are needed, the partitions can be created with smaller planks. The size of the compartments is adjusted according to the things to be stored. The book shelf has altogether different placing requirement as compared to a kitchen or a kids room shelf. The com parents should be large enough to conveniently adjust the stuff. A stronger plank should be placed at the back to prevent things from spilling out.

4. Finally, the attachment needs to be placed. The bookshelf must be attached with the wall to have a neater look. The kitchen wooden shelving has its own requirements. DIY Pallet Shelf for heavier things need a stronger attachment. The attachment also depends on where the shelf is being placed.

Shelving is the demand of any place, may it be an office or home. shelving means storing goods in an economic way, which means adjusting more in less space. The shelf is an accessory to home decor. Therefore, like any other part of furniture it is very essential.

So be economical, peep into your junkyard. Look for the pallet and here you go with your self created shelf.

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