DIY Wine Bottle Lamps


Do it yourself and enjoy by yourself new ideas and innovative thing by making of diy crafts. Every minute on web a new idea and craft projects is updated on many websites people share his own projects. Today we have a plan of DIY wine bottle lamp.

beautiful wine bottle lamp

Diy wine bottle lamp making is so easy just put the wine bottles as a bottom of lamp and add a bulb holder on bottle neck. Lamp is ready apply some diy techniques and make this more beautiful with art techniques.

wine bottle lamp diy

Wine bottle normally consider as a waste material but we can reuse them in many ways for art and decoration or in case of lamp. Beautiful DIY wine bottle lamp ideas available here chose some ideas and make some table lamp side table lamp and decoration lamps for room.

diy wine bottle lamp

These ideas add more beauty in the house wine bottle lamp look much beautiful as decoration lights in corridor lounge and porch area. Enjoy this idea and share your friends and amazed them with diy wine bottle lamp.

wine bottle lamp

wine bottle light stand

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