DIY Plastic Bottle Shed


Plastic bottles one of the big wastage in current era it will become the big cause of pollution around the world. The Plastic bottles recycling is quite popular now a days people use plastic bottles for recycling on industry level. But we have a very smart plan with plastic bottles. If you need a shed for your garden plants or herbs you can make shed with plastic bottles. If you need a Parking shade for your car park specially in summer days so you should try plastic bottle for this we have just ideas for you.

diy plastic bottle shedsource

You can see a beautiful shed is made with plastic bottles. You can see green blue different colors in shed make it more awesome and a parking shed is ready for your car.  This is amazing idea for car parking shed.

plastic bottle shed diysource

If you going to made a hut and you want to make this more secure during water doesn’t effect the hut you should try plastic bottle roof for a hut as you can see in above picture hoe beautiful a hut is made with plastic bottle.

plastic bottle shed source

A beautiful room is made with plastic bottles you can see how colorful floor with bottle necks and a sofa and table is also made with plastic bottles in  this room i think this amazing more than wonderful. This is a surprising idea.

shed with plastic-bottles source

You can use waste plastic bottle for a green house of plants. There is no need to make a test green house made with glass this much more expensive you can do this with plastic bottles. As you can see in above pictures.

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