DIY Plastic Bottle Planter


This is such an amazing this making craft with plastic bottle. I will become crazy when i see the ideas and projects about diy and plastic bottle before that i was just stay out this stuff and treat like a waste now i was try this at my home and i think i would share my experiences with other one this is so simple and you can make your life easy with diy ideas. There is no need to put their long time for a project you can do this very simply at your home.

diy plastic bottle

There is a two plastic bottle cut from the top after that color them with blue and red two stickers paste on front and beautiful diy plastic bottle planter is ready.

diy plastic bottle planter

If you buy hundred planter of clay or other material you will need enough amount for this but if you use plastic bottle there is no need of extra money just simply collect these bottle normally 100 and 200 bottle use in a summer season in normal home as soft drink bottles.  You can paste these planter with will because these are light weight planter.

diy plastic planter

plantaion with plastic bottle

planter with plastic bottle

plastic bottles planter diy

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