DIY Plastic Bottle Lamp


Recycling is a good process for saving nature and making crafts with recycling.Waste material make into useful item is a art and you can make with lots of crafts and household item. We have some picture of DIY plastic bottle lamp in this process plastic bottles are use in very different ways to making lamps. Some picture shows a very simple way to making a diy plastic bottle lamp. We can make those thing very simply at home by diy and recycling we can reproduce the thing with disposable items which we use regularly in our like soft drink plastic bottles and shopping bags. Wooden pallets and so many thing of this type we consider as wastage but we can make something creative we can make crafts with these items.

diy bottle plastic lamp

As you have seen in this picture a simple and beautiful lamp made with plastic bottle shown here. We can done this easily at our home if we try this. But we ignore the importance recycling and reused. We are addicted to buy every thing from market.

diy lamp plastic bottle

We can decorate our home with these practices. We should do these practices at our home. We should save the wastage in a good manner. We should make nature clean as can as possible.

diy plastic bottle lamp

The above picture have extra ordinary effort for making of a lamp with plastic bottles but after a completion this task a beautiful lamp is ready with plastic bottle and disposable plastic spoon used. DIY plastic bottle lamp is an old idea but every day new design and creativity shows in this art.

lamp plastic bottle

Every picture have a beautiful and more than beautiful item made with plastic bottle. You can do this very easily at your home. Stay with DIY and make DIY crafts with our ideas and enjoy this.

plastic bottle lamp diy

plastic bottle spice lamp

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