DIY Pendent With Wire


Handmade jewelry always become a center point for women those interested in fashion accessories like pendent band tops and many more especially young girls like to wear light weight and handmade jewelries. If you interested in handmade jewelry you can try this at your home. You can do it by yourself you can make some band necklace ear ring, rings and pendent. Especially young girls are very conscious about her jewelries matching with dresses and shoes. Everyone look smart and up to date matching combination of dresses shoes hairstyle clutches hand bags moving around the attention of females specially teenage and young girls.

They want to look more glamorous and cool. They should try to make some diy projects for her fashion at their home. You can do this very simply. Today we are going to share with you diy pendent made with wire. You can very adorable and stylish pendent made by yourself without any extra ordinary effort.

beautiful pendent wired diy


Making a diy pendent with wire is so simple you need 14 gauge cooper for this. Cooper easy to mold and making pendent so easy and flexible thing. As you a see in above picture sun pendent is made with cooper wire. You are enjoying the making of these type of project.

diy pendent wired


Here a very cute diy nest wire pendent shows. Beautiful pendent shaped a nest with wire. The small colorful beads added into nest add the beauty of this pendent. This is very precious thing for young girls who love with fashion accessories and hand made jewelries.

pendent diy wiresource

pendent wired diysource

pendent with wiresource

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