DIY Mirror Frames


The mirror is a necessary item in interior of the house. Beautiful frame of the mirror add beauty in the interior of the house. A modern is incomplete without a decorative mirror. Today mirror require more creativity in frame. Different and unique frames are designed every new day. Mirror reflect our personality mirror tell us reality about ourselves. DIY mirror frame is the oldest items in crafts which mostly handmade things represent for decoration in the house.

diy  round mirror frame

The above mirror frame made with much effort rust stones joint to make the frame of mirror it seems to be a creative and smart idea of mirror frame. It look more than beautiful become as a part of interior decoration.

diy spoon mirror frame

This is beautiful frame of mirror made with rope. White ropes are add more beauty in decoration of mirror frame also some crafty techniques top side of the frame made this more beautiful

magazine mirror

This is mirror frame made with magazines paper creativity is endless but this is the master piece in creativity of mirror frame. There is made with lots of efforts and round mirror look like a sun inside the frame. Rope round mirror frame made with a round item covered with ropes this is so beautiful and simple mirror frame.

mirror frame

rope mirror frame diy

round mirror frame

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