DIY Baseball Bracelet Ideas


Bracelet and bands very popular fashion accessories young girls and boys wear band and bracelet on wrist. Some girls and boy give gift to each other on birthday or other event but it seems look beautiful on wrist of teen ages. So following these trend and pattern i would like to try making some bracelet with baseball. Baseballs shows in the below picture and you can see a beautiful bracelet is made with this ball. You really amazed with this idea Lets check it out hows a baseball use to make some diy baseball bracelet.

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You can see the bracelet is wear in the arm which is made from baseball. You can see two stitching line on ball these two lines use to make a bracelet. You no need to more cutting and carving for making a bracelet.

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There a different from the above pictures bracelet. You can make this baseball a bracelet and gift this to your loveable one. This will be amazing thing for him/ her i am sure he/she must like this because the shape of this bracelet is so simple anyone can wear this may be a girl or boy this shows not a specific look.

diy projects

At the end you need a carving cutter and cut this ball with stitches of ball and your bracelet is ready for wear add two robs on end points and make a bale.

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