DIY Balcony Planter Ideas


If you have a balcony in your house and you want add plants and flowers in the balcony. You need some ideas and plans for the balcony how to set out planter and how can we make this cost effective if we do this in the balcony. Many people usually grow some herbs in the lawn and balcony if you want to grow this. We have some diy balcony planter ideas for you. No i want to show you the ideas and plans about balcony. We have some diy plastic bottle ideas. Some clay planter and also we have empty tin jar for usage of planter. you can grow flowers and herbs in those planters.

balcony plantation diy

As you can see in all these picture in a beautiful manner balconies are decorated with planter we use different type of planter some of these get from market but we can try to made this at home we made some tin jar planter and diy plastic bottles for planter.

balcony planter diy

Here are some simple clay planter shows in the balcony but also have there a big plastic waste jar uses as a planter in balcony for some big plants. You can see here the Big plastic bottle which usually use for the grouser y item when they are empty use for planter in balcony.

diy balcony

diy balcony plantation

diy balcony planter

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