Lens House by Alison Brooks Architects


You are showing the result of DIY Lens House by Alison Brooks Architects. The classic architecture is something which makes you think about elegance and art work of usual. Such type of work is seen in every next door. But when it is blend with some contemporary ideas, it gives birth to a master piece like “DIY Lens House”. The modern addition to this type of house has extended the creativity of the house building. Basically the idea of lens house is to create a mix of ideas from the past traditions towards the new modern looks, so that it is not only affordable but also very unique in style and attractive for the consumer.

                Awesome lens house ideas by Alison:

ideas by alisonsource

                Amazing lens house by Alison brooks architects:

alison brooks architectssource

                Beautiful lens house London design ideas:

london design ideassource

                Best architects of lens house by Alison:

house by alisonsource

                 Wonderful DIY windward lens house:

winward lens housesource

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