DIY Wall Art Ideas


Give character to your walls with these DIY wall art ideas, which are simple, and wallet friendly. Bring out the artist in you and get your paint and brush. Whether the space on your wall is narrow, or spans over one whole side, you will be able to find something that compliments what you want. Make a panel painting depicting the branching out of a tree. You do not need to be too adventurous. You can make it a two-colored painting or just simply make a collage of pool tiles to contrast with a pale décor.

Create block art pieces, which may be plain or patterned. Put up a geometrical art piece in the dining area or spread a roll tube DIY cutout flower art. Paint canvases with zigzags or dots falling down in bright or pastel colors and enhance your mantelshelves and ledges. Create a photo tableau or hang classic plates to give your home a look, which will be a trendsetter.

              DIY Home Wall Art:

diy home wall art

              DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas:

cupcake wrapper wall art

              Creative DIY Wall Art:

diy wall art

              DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas:

diy wall art ideas

              DIY Wall Art Mosaic:

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