DIY Home Decoration – Trash to Treasure Projects Ideas


Adding character to a certain part of the house does not need too much or be too expensive. In fact, it may become an up cycling project adding to its value even more. You may come by a classic wooden lampshade, which might not be able to shade any lamp, but may act as a modern ceiling niche. In the same way, you can embellish a damaged door with a quote or word and used as a frame. You may saw out the part, which you can still use.

People have a nasty habit of throwing away things instead of making use of them. Nonetheless, it only works in our favor. Do not hesitate to snatch it up if you find a discarded wooden frame. You may add a mirror to it and give it a good wood stain. You may revamp a boring panel painting by giving it a frame. Work the same magic on old wicker tables and give them a makeover with paint and a glass top.

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