DIY Christmas Decorations


Add your own creativity to this Christmas by trying the following: Bow Wreath is a simple, festive wreath and won’t empty your wallet. Get this beautiful combo by simply using hot glue to combine various colored bows to a Styrofoam wreath. This task won’t take much time. Only 20 minutes and you are done with the beauty.

A Candy Cane Vase can be made by putting some simple stuff to make best use for this DIY craft by spending really less. Join the candy canes to the can with glue and then tie them with a red ribbon, and fill with potpourri.

Create your own Mistletoe by using a felt, a fabric pencil, beaded embellishments, red ribbon and glue gun. Cut out the mistletoe by using a template and attach pearls with glue. Use red ribbon to tie them together and hang them.

Define a colour combo for your gathering. Wrap the decided colored bows around the seating chairs. Place your wreaths together. Put three wreaths of different sizes, on top of each other and add accessories as you like to match your decor

Colour a collection of pine cones by dipping in gold paint or by using a mixture of water, glue, and glitter to create a sparkling effect. These happy decor pieces can be place on side tables or used to fill baskets and bowls.

A Galaxy Ornament are the baubles which can catch your eye. Get a transparent ornament, add clear floor wax to it and pour in colored or simple glitter of your personal choice. Shake it and then enjoy!

A Chalk Ornament makes great gifts that you can decorate in different ways each time. Paint the plastic bulbs with the special chalkboard paint. After it dries, then start painting your holiday decoration.

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