Bottle Caps Decor for Home


As you know we come here with new ideas of crafting home decoration and household items made with recycled things. We try to introduce something different and useful for our user which they are very important for us. We try to keep update our user with new ideas of diy and crafts or you can say latest diy projects. Many countries people live hut shaped house like China Korea Russian Pensioner Uses 30,000 Bottle Caps to Decorate Her House. When we see this ideas we decide to share this with our use this is best thing for those people who live in wood houses. Bottle caps use for making art on houses is such an amazing thing and also it was a full of effort much difficult task but it is so nice look after completion. When they people add a beauty with colorful bottle caps use here.

Now you can try this if you have wood house like hut. I think design art and color scheme show an old and traditional house where people did this type of art on houses with stones. But now you can see the beauty of bottle caps. its really to much difficult to work and collect in large amount of bottle caps for this purpose but this is such nice thing when its completed from those people.

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