7 DIY Home Decor Crafty Ideas


Plain walls and empty corners just beg to be revamped. In article gives you one of the simplest yet chic decoration ideas that might just get you on any interior designing magazine cover! Play around with just about anything that you find lying around the house and customize your living space. It all depends on the look you want to give. From white sand in jars, holding dried stems to lemony yellow wall plates, express yourself. Put up a timeline picture tableau or a bright patterned painting.

Paint branches on your wall and add hooks to give an illusion of thing hanging from the branches. Make a contemporary wall art of coned paper or block paneling. Redecorate your clocks and wall pieces by incorporating new or contrasting colors. Hang transparent baubles from the rim of your lampshade for a glittery effect or enliven your side tables with a bottle and artificial flower make over. Try these renovation ideas for your home as well as office.

              Make Your Own Organic Curtain Rod:

crafts branch curtain hangersource

              Update Your Wall Clock:

crafts clock home decorsource

              Make Over Old Pillows:

raft pillowsource

              Butterfly Cloches:

diy crafts butterfliessource

              Home Craft and Decorating Ideas:

crafts diy gallerysource

              Old Cable Spool To New Library Table:

diy home decorsource

              Stylish Skateboard Shelf:

crafts skateboard shelfsource

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