Beautiful DIY Dress From T-Shirts


In summer season men t-shirt are very common. Sometime the size of t-shirts extend with one or two time wearing. If you have some material of this type in your house. You have some extra t-shirts in your house and you can not understand what should do with this you can recycle these t-shirts into beautiful female dresses.

diy dress with t shirt


If you are a young you can design a beautiful dress for you with t-shirts. Normally i see every house have some extra clothes of this type like t-shirts because this type of dresses not use for long time one two or three time its use after that it will become waste. But now you can design a dress with waste or big t-shirts.

dress with t shirt


You can see in below picture ladies after stitching a dress with t-shirts looking beautiful in these dresses. If you want to wear some simple or casual dresses or if you or out budget those days a you have no extra money to buy some summer dresses you can manage with diy from old clothes. This is good you can say this is fun with recycling. If you know little bit skill of stitching you can easily at your home. So enjoy diy ideas and enjoy diy dresses with t-shirts ideas with.

t shirt diy dresssource

t shirt turned into dresssource

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