How to Create Beautiful Atmosphere with DIY Lantern


During the summer season, people like to sit in their lawns or gardens and they create beautiful atmosphere. If you have old glass jars, then you can use it as DIY Lantern. You can make polka dots over them or paint the drawing in such manner leaving some space between them. When you light up the lantern at night, then it will give wonderful look along with throwing lights on all sides. Party lantern garland, firefly lamps and paper bag lanterns are the DIY Wonderful Project for party in your home. You can make holes in tins and paint them in decent color to get creative and elegant look. Frosted garden lantern, paper star lantern and colorful garden lantern can be completed at home without much hassle.

              Amazing diy lanterns with mason jar lights:

with mason jar lightssource

              Best diy decorative glass candle lanterns:

candle lanternssource

              Cool ideas for diy holiday ice lanterns:

ice lanternssource

              Fantastic diy lanterns to illuminate:


               Beautiful diy flower paper lanterns:

paper lanternssource

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