Great DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas for Your Home



A Mason jar is a molten glass jar used in homes to keep the food preserved. The jar has a tight lid on the top with a plastic seal inside. This seal keeps the lid so tight that the food remains preserved. This is just one side of the picture. The use of mason jars is extensive. The jars can be changed into amazing creative pieces. Even as the containers a new look can be added. Scroll down to find some ways of using mason jars creatively:

  1. Paint the jars with beautiful colours bright enough to add a glow. Once the colours dry put candles to light up. This will add colourful glow to your life.
  2. Pickles and vinegar based pickles add colour to the dining time. Mason jars are used to preserve food but preserve them creatively. Give a colourful layering to the veges in the jar creating a rainbow look to your bottle.
  3. Create pencil or utility holders for your kids room. Create their favourite characters on the bottles and make it fun for them.

4. Mason jars can be converted into creative flower jars. Fill the jars with soil to grow the flowers or have a fresh or dry flower arrangement as you like. The completed pots can be hanged or placed on tables as you like.

5. Convert the jars into cute cookie or candy containers which can hold your favourite delights. Colour the lids, tie the ribbons and paste cute mini characters on top of the lid.

This is how your world of Mason jars will be created. The ideas are unlimited and need your creativity. Let the ideas float freely in your mind to create a new world. Mason jars can be a beautiful delight for your eyes.

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