DIY Window Box


After completion of interior decor some outer decoration projects will needed to your home. If you have a beautiful house and you have also beautiful windows in the room for fresh air you can make more beautiful this if you adjust diy window box on outer side of the window you can pt some beautiful flowers and plants in those window boxes. DIY Window boxes is a trend of united kingdom. Asian house don’t have this type of element for decoration of house the freshness and fragrance of flowers keep you fresh in the room and in the house. Because when the wind come inside from windows the fresh fragrance of flowers come into the room automatically.

beautiful diy window box

As you see in this picture a beautiful window box hang outside the window of the house. You can do this with wooden pallet and some other wood but its add more beauty in the house DIY window box have a traditional importance. It shows the old traditional house look.

diy pallet window box

The picture shows beautiful yellow flowers in window box have a different and awesome look. The outer decoration is also have importance as well as interior decoration.

diy window box

pallet window box

window box diy

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