DIY Gift Boxes and Crafty Decorations Ideas


Gift boxes are essential pieces to express your love for the special ones. Giving gifts is special itself but giving them in gift boxes make them even more special. Gift boxes are readily available in markets but a gift box made by you means much more. There are number of ways to wrap the gift and one such way is to recycle the materials you have. A gift can be wrapped directly in a wrapping paper but it becomes really sophisticated if a thematic look is given by creating a decorative gift box.

Generally gift boxes are used to fulfill the needs of giving away promotional and seasonal gifts. They are usually made from stiff paperboard or corrugated sheets. These boxes very often consist of a base and detachable lid. The box is then wrapped with decorative paper once the interior is done. Gift boxes can be wrapped with various packaging accessories such as decorative ribbons and gift tissue paper.

Gift boxes can be decorated according to the occasion like for Christmas with pine cones and small branches,sometimes you can add buttons and craft papers or bows created out of felt fabric or cute pompoms, colorful ribbons and might be with natural materials. Old ties are an excellent accessories for adding charm to a gift box also.

Creative decorations ideas for gift boxes can transform simple holiday presents into very special and surprising ones, as well as saving a great deal of money and this also exhibits your artistic talents.  Handmade gift boxes, make special people feel more special and excited to open the secret gift boxes.

There are no limits for decorating gift boxes. Whatever creativity you add it makes your recipients feel special and they will surely appreciate your love in the shape of gift boxes and crafty decorations.

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