DIY Funky and Creative Project Ideas for Teens


Our youngsters have bursts of energy and usually want to do something. These DIY creative project ideas will light a bulb and give you a chance to show off. Whether it is your wall or table, just click away and discover the simplicity of these projects. Throw a splash of color on your wall with a zigzag patterned painting or play around with buttons to make textured wall art. If you are not the painting sort, opt for cutouts and make a pretty peacock design. Mark your territory with your painted initials and burlap or redecorate the scruffy edges of your stools and tables with lace and thumb tags.

Show your arty side by making a sculpture of your favorite animal or painting a pretty butterfly on your very wall. Tweak some origami paper flowers to impress or gift it as a gift. Personalize these ideas and puff life into your headquarters.

             DIY Ombre Walls Ideas:

room decor ideassource

             Cute Draw On Some Rocks With Sharpie:

diy projects for teenage girlssource

             Teenagers Cool Crafts:

diy projectssource

             DIY Art with Thumb Tacks:

word art imagesource

             Spray Painted Old Lamp Bases:

spray painted old lamp basessource

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