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Creating something new by reusing old stuff catches the beholder sight. There are so many things from which we can create something new but among them wine bottles are the one that give a different look to the viewer. We all have lots of empty wine bottles in our homes by reusing them we can get stylish chandelier, beautiful lamps or candle holders or decorative flower vases. And thus for that there are 14 different diy creative ideas to reuse wine bottles like wine bottle chandelier, wine bottle wall, candle holder, garden border, wine bottle vases, wine bottles as planters, wine bottles table holders, wine bottle lamps, wine bottle for DIY fountain, wine bottle tiki torch, wine bottle bird feeder and wine bottle arrangements.

               DIY empty wine bottles ideas:

diy wine bottles ideassource

               DIY eriks recycled wine bottle torch:

diy wine bottle torchsource

               DIY light chandelier recycled wine bottle:

diy light chandelier wine bottlesource

               DIY wine bottle decor ideas:

diy wine bottle ideassource

               DIY wine bottle holder laughs:

wine bottle holder laughssource

               DIY wine bottle ideas:

diy wine bottlesource

               Wine bottles fountain:

diy wine bottles fountainsource

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