DIY Crafts With Old CD’s


We share diy crafts ideas with our user time to time. We try to share something unique something different you ca made with recycle material. As you know we have many recycled item available around us which use for making different crafts. We try plastic bottles we try wooden pallet we try cardboard we old dresses we try many household items which we consider useless but somewhere it will become useful. So today we have some crafts ideas which are made with old cd’s if you have a large collection of cd’s at your home and you think many of them are become useless and your going to destroy them here we have some diy ideas related with cd you can use these for decor ideas.

diy crafts cdssource

You can see in the above picture a beautiful photo frame is decorated with old cd after tore them into pieces and make beautiful decorated photo frame. You should try this at your home if you some collection of old CD’s.

diy clock with cdssource

You can see a wall clock use as a decoration with multiple CD’s. You can do many more recycling crafts idea by using of CD’s and DVDs you can make some ball points table box diy crafts with old CD’s many more ideas related with CD’s are available.

diy crafts with cds source

A beautiful wall decor with CD is showing here i think this is an amazing idea related with room decoration. If you use old CD’s for room decor you can get many more ideas about this.

mirror decor with cdssource

Have you seen in this picture a beautiful lady taking a picture in front of mirro the mirror is decorated with pieces of CD’s so i think this one also a unique idea of diy crafts with CD’s.

table decor with old cds source

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